New Style Pressure Relief Valve

We have a new style of pressure relief valve. The old style has been replaced with a part that now has a hose barb that you can attach a hose eliminating water spray inside the washer cabinet.  All future orders will be replaced with this new style part.  You can view this item in the ‘General’ parts section for the P300 and P400.  Please call or email us if you have any questions on how to install the pressure relief valve: 888-969-1601 or

New Style Pressure Relief Valve


SprayLean Inline Washer

We saved the best for last. You can put SprayLean to work for you for thousands of dollars less than traditional inline washers! Perfect for the new non-phosphate products, SprayLean features a small footprint and a modular, interchangeable pod design that’s easily expandable for any application. SprayLean offers easy access to tanks with our removable shroud design and easy to clean quick disconnect nozzles. The modular design provides for fast installation with very low maintenance and energy consumption. Contact us today at